About social dialogue

About social dialogue

For the purpose to develop a dialogue Chernobyl History Workshop pays much attention to the collaboration with non-governmental organizations the activity of which is directed to the support of vulnerable categories of population including people with disabilities, internally displaced persons and large families.  A close cooperation and joint projects allow not only to exchange important experience, but also to achieve the realization of strategies of self-help. The development of social enterprise is an important priority in this direction is.

Chernobyl History Workshop arranged a close cooperation with the organizations of disabled persons first of all. Since 2014, the Workshop started to support internally displaced persons and also those, who suffered in the military conflict in the Eastern Ukraine.

During 2014-2015 at the initiative of the Chernobyl Historical Workshop and under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany financial support, the events for the creation of cooperative links between various non-governmental organizations with the aim of strengthening of social dialogue were held.

Chernobyl Historical Workshop is interested in further expanding of the opportunities for civil activity and cooperation with partner organizations.