In 2011 the International Educational Centre, Dortmund initiated a mobile exhibition holding devoted to the 25th anniversary of the breakdown on the Chernobyl NPP with the name “25 years after Chernobyl: People – Places – Solidarity”. The exhibition was presented in 49 cities of Germany, the Netherland and Austria. The characteristic feature of this mobile exhibition was that contemporaries and life participants of those events – the liquidators and displaced persons from Belarus and Ukraine took part in it. They told the visitors of the exhibition about their work on liquidation of the Chernobyl NPP breakdown consequences, about their feelings during the displacement from the zone of radioactivite contamination, about the changes in their life after the Chernobyl catastrophe. More than 42 thousand people visited the exhibition in German-speaking part of Europe.

Under expression from successful exhibition holding in Germany, which reverberated in the society, many Ukrainian Chernobyl organizations applied to German-Ukrainian Partnership Network and the International Educational Centre, Dortmund with a request to create a Ukrainian version of the exhibition. This request was honored with the help of German catholic organization of help in Eastern Europe “Renovabis” and Lutheran Church of St. Katarina.

On the 12th of April 2012 the Ukrainian exhibition "Chernobyl: People - Places - Solidarity - Future" was opened in Evangelical Church in Kiev and was further represented in all the regions of Ukraine. The initiative group that organized the exhibition included representatives of local authorities, educational institutions, museums, Greek Catholic and Orthodox churches, and non-governmental organizations.

The exhibition tells about the accident on the 4th block of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant, its consequences, it also tells about the problems of modern life in the contaminated after the accident regions. The Ukrainian version of the exhibition is supplemented with the information on the accident at the nuclear power plant Fukushima-1 in Japan, and also focuses its attention on such an issue arisen from the Chernobyl disaster as the need for a balanced energy policy.

The liquidators and displaced persons took part at the exhibition in every city of Ukraine. They conducted excursions, shared their memories and answered questions from visitors of the exhibition. During the exhibition holding, more than 29 thousand people visited it in 23 cities of Ukraine. The liquidators of the accident at the Chernobyl NPP conducted over 750 meetings with the groups of young people.

At the moment, the Ukrainian mobile exhibition is located in Gymnasium No. 111 in Dnipro. Excursion support for the exhibition is provided by active schoolchildren who, together with teachers and representatives of the local Chernobyl organization, also take care of the school museum. The exhibition can be visited by everyone.

The updated version of this exhibition is in the Chernobyl Historical Workshop in Kharkov. The guides on this excursion are Kharkov liquidators of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant accident.